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CV: V18N1: Regarding Battle of Reams Station

Editor’s Note: Base transcription is from the CD-ROM version of The Confederate Veteran at Eastern Digital.  Minor corrections were made by Brett Schulte.


Regarding Battle of Reams Station.1

James E. Larkin2, 164 Linden Street, Everett, Mass., sends the VETERAN a letter and papers in regard to his controversy with General Miles over the battle of Reams Station. General Miles says that with two hundred men and much fierce fighting he turned the tide of battle. Mr. Larkin replies that there was practically no fighting at all after the Yankees were driven from the works and were in disordered retreat, pursued by the Confederates, save some scattering shots, one of which killed Lieutenant McGee, of the 8th [sic, 81st] Pennsylvania.

General Miles says he fought and recaptured Danchey’s [sic, Dauchy’s] Battery3, carrying three guns from the field, Mr. Larkin replies that as he was in retreat he heard the men of the battery calling for help, that, taking the colors from the 5th New Hampshire Regiment, he called for volunteers, and they rushed back with a yell. There were only a few Confederates around the guns, who retreated, and no fighting of any kind took place. The men removed the guns till they met the provost guard, who took charge of them. Some of the 81st [Pennsylvania] were in this recapture of the guns, but most of them were the 5th New Hampshire.

Mr. Larkin wants to hear from Confederates who were in this battle and any of the Federals who helped recapture the guns.


  1. Larkin, James E. “Regarding Battle of Reams Station.” Confederate Veteran, Volume 18, Number 1, p. 26
  2. SOPO Editor’s Note: Larking commanded the 5th New Hampshire at the Battle of Reams Station on August 25, 1864.
  3. SOPO Editor’s Note: This was the 12th Battery of New York Light Artillery, led on this day by George K. Dauchy.
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