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The Union and Confederate Navies at the Siege of Petersburg

When I first started The Siege of Petersburg Online back in August 2009, my intention was always to cover the war on the water.  I just haven’t been able to get to it in any dedicated fashion until now.  I did post some naval posts in my my Siege of Petersburg 150th Anniversary series, but nothing else…until now.

Over the next several months, I’ll be posting daily posts of the ships of the Union and Confederate Navies at the Siege of Petersburg. These unit pages are very similar in format to the unit pages I’ve been posting for years on the regiments, batteries, battalions, and companies of both sides which were at Petersburg and Richmond.  This is a continuation of that idea. It gives me a place to put information I find through research on these vessels.  It also shows readers where these ships were located throughout the Siege of Petersburg.

USS Onondaga

Double turreted monitor, Onondaga, James River, Va.

Starting tomorrow with the USS Agawam, I’ll be posting one ship a day, every day, until I’ve listed out every ship which was present.  Links to these ship pages will start appearing below in April 2019.  Also start to take a look at the permanent pages for the United States Navy and Confederate States Navy, which will ultimately be how you should access the pages for these vessels.  I look forward to continuing to research the war on the water and add to the information already present.

I used the legendary Dictionary of American Fighting Ships (DANFS for short) as well as the Navy Official Records, Volume X, Volume XI, and Volume XII to fill in most of the information you see for United States vessels.  The Confederate ships have very little written about them, so I’ve pieced together what information I could find from DANFS as well as elsewhere.

List of Union and Confederate Ships at the Siege of Petersburg

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