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Petersburg Campaign Regimental Histories

One of the side goals when I first started the idea of a Petersburg Campaign Project back in 2004 was to create lists of Union and Confederate regimental histories in Excel spreadsheets for each unit which fought, even briefly, in the Petersburg Campaign.  I realized, thanks to an email from Beyond the Crater reader John Spicer, that I had done quite a bit of work in that area quite some time ago.  As a result, another set of items I’ll be posting are individual pages for regimental histories of regiments which participated in the Petersburg Campaign.  Look for these in the Beyond the Crater RSS feed as well as under the Bibliography section.  When I stopped this work several years ago, I had gone through nearly half of the Union regiments, looking through various online sources to identify regimental histories.  When a regimental history was found, I compiled its information in an Excel Spreadsheet which can be found on the Union Regimental Histories page.  A corresponding spreadsheet is available on the Confederate Regimental Histories page, but has not been started.  As with a lot of the other ideas I have for this site, the remaining compilation of such materials and posting here is going to take a long time.  I hope Beyond the Crater’s readers will join me in what should be a long but ultimately rewarding journey for me personally and for researchers and students of the Petersburg Campaign.

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