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John Foskett Reviews The Petersburg Campaign, Volume 1 at Civil War News

Fellow Civil War enthusiast John Foskett is a book reviewer for Civil War News and someone who has graciously granted me permission to post transcriptions of his ancestor’s diary here at The Siege of Petersburg Online, portions of which you will begin seeing soon.  John sent me an email letting me know he has a review up at Civil War News for The Petersburg Campaign, Volume 1: The Eastern Front Battles, June-August 1864.   The book contains monographs Ed Bearss wrote for the National Park Service in the 196t0s to accompany Troop Movement Maps he also did for the NPS.  Bryce Suderow did a nice job getting the original monographs transcribed, edited, and pieced together to form a coherent whole.  In addition to providing segues from piece to piece and filling in to cover portions of the fighting which were missing from Bearss’ monographs, Suderow also had to find an author (Terry Brennan) to write the chapter on the Battle of the Crater.  Over 20 maps by prolific cartographer George Skoch round out the book.  I’ll have my own review of the book up on both of my Civil War sites shortly.  I’m near the end of the last chapter as of right now.

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