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59th VA: 59th Virginia Infantry

59thVirginiaInfantrySherwoodWeaver1994Unit: 59th Virginia

Unit Affiliation: (Wise), Johnson, Anderson

Title: 59th Virginia Infantry

Author: G. L. Sherwood and Jeffrey C. Weaver

BTC’s Take: The authors obviously mined some sources not easily available to the public like the Confederate Inspection reports to add more to the 59th’s story.  Unfortunately, even with those sources, there just does not appear to be a lot of information on the 59th’s activities during the Siege of Petersburg.  With a few exceptions, large gaps appear in their story.  With that said, this was one of the better H. E. Howard books in terms of the unit history length.

Book Summary/Review:

    BTC Siege of Petersburg Book Notes:

    Publisher: H. E. Howard

    Publication Date: 1994

    ISBN-13: 1-56190-068-0

    Links to Read/Buy:

    1. 59th Virginia Infantry (Google Books)
    2. 59th Virginia Infantry (Amazon.com)
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