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The Battle of Five Forks by Ed Bearss and Chris Calkins

TheBattleOfFiveForksBearssCalkinsBook Summary: This is a book in the Virginia Civil War Battles and Leaders series. Chris Calkins and Ed Bearss are both very good authors, and I respect them both. However, this volume seemed to be worse than the others in H.E. Howard’s series for some reason. There was only one map per battle, and none of them were very detailed. The Five Forks map was especially disappointing. Unfortunately, this is all there is on Five Forks, so it still fills a void. To be fair, this is a second edition, so some things may have been left out that I’ve missed. For most books in the series, I would recommend getting them from C. Clayton Thompson. He offers great prices and usually has these available. 131 pp, 5 maps

Hardcover Edition

ISBN: 978-0930919207

Publisher: H.E. Howard (2nd Edition)

Release Date: June 1985

Pages: 131 Pages

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