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The Petersburg Campaign: The Destruction of The Weldon Railroad: Deep Bottom, Globe Tavern, and Reams Station: August 14-25, 1864 by John Horn

Book Summary: This is a book in the Virginia Civil War Battles and Leaders series. This author also produced the monograph on the Campaign higheer on this page. Here he takes on the Battles of Grant’s Fourth Offensive, which ended with the Unon having made some important gains south and west of Petersburg. Grant was perfecting a “left-right” punching combination, again sending Hancock’s II Corps (and the X Corps) against Deep Bottom north of the James. After Hancock had drawn sufficient attention, Grant sent Warren’s V Corps, supported by elements of the IX Corps, toward Globe Tavern on the Weldon Railroad. After several days of fierce Confederate counterattacks, the Union secured their hold on Globe Tavern and dug in. This was to become an important jumping off point for their Fifth offensive in late September. A few days later, Hancock’s Second Corps was sent sout down the Weldon Railroad, with orders to rip up as much track as possible. A.P. Hill fiercely counterattacked and the II Corps was routed off of the railroad. A mortified Hancock wished to die on the field of battle. The maps in the book are numerous and excellent, with some regimental level detail, which is always a plus. The reasoning behind the fighting and the tactical action itself is very well described. This book is again the only one covering these actions, so in my opinion it is also a needed addition to an ACW collection. For most books in the series, I would recommend getting them from C. Clayton Thompson. He offers great prices and usually has these available. 270 pp., 13 maps

Hardcover Edition

ISBN: 978-1561900107

Publisher: H.E. Howard

Release Date: June 1991

Pages: 270 Pages

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