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OR XLVI P1 #122: Report of Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Milliken, 43rd NY, Pickets/2/VI/AotP, April 2, 1865

No. 122. Report of Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Milliken, Forty-third New York Infantry, Division Officer of the Day.1

April 17, 1865

SIR: I most respectfully forward the following report of the action of the picket-line of the division in the engagement of the 2nd instant:

Agreeably to orders received from the corps officer of the day, about 11 p.m. of the 1st fire was opened along the picket-line to cover the formation of the corps in front of Fort Welch, which was continued until the signal for the corps to advance was given, when the pickets moved forward and occupied the picket-posts, of the enemy, capturing between 400 and 500 prisoners. The pickets also were the first to enter the fort, near the Jones house, and captured three pieces of artillery, which, I have since learned, are claimed by the First Division of the corps. Having met with success so far, I ordered the line forward again, and about seventy-five men, pickets and sharpshooters, entered a work known as Fort McGraw and captured three guns. This work had to be abandoned as the ammunition was expended and could not be procured in time to resist a column of three regiments, advancing to retake it. This work could have been held had the picket-line of the First Division advanced and kept ut the connection between the two divisions. The right of the line was compelled to fall back as far as the works erected by the First Brigade on the 25th, of March, the enemy having re-enforced his skirmish line, and our pickets out of ammunition. Three men were taken prisoners, at this time, having advanced nearly to the main line of the enemy’s works. As soon as ammunition could be procured every man was furnished with 100 rounds, and the line again moved forward, retaking all the ground lost, except Fort McGraw, which had been too strongly garrisoned for a picket-line to attack with any hope of success. Troops having been thrown forward on our left and also in our rear I ordered the line withdrawn, and joined the division about 9 p.m.

I cannot speak in too high terms of praise of the bravery of the assistant officer of the day, Major Cole, Fifth Vermont Volunteers; Captain William H. Terrell, Second Division sharpshooters; Captain Wilder, Forty-ninth New York Volunteers; and other officers and men under my command, whose names and regiments I do not know.

The casualties were very slight, and are as follows; Killed, 1; wounded, 5; missing, 4.

Lieutenant Colonel 43rd New York Vols., Division Officer of the Day.

Assistant Adjutant-General, Second Division, Sixth Corps.


  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XLVI, Part 1 (Serial Number 95), p. 962
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