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UPR: Report of Major Hollon Richardson, 7th WI, October 27-28, 1864

SOPO Editor’s Note: This report was transcribed by 7th Wisconsin researcher Roy Gustrowsky and is provided here with his written permission.  This transcription may not be reproduced without Mr. Gustrowsky’s written consent.  All rights reserved.

October 27-28, 1864 Battle at Hatcher’s Run aka Boydton Plank Road

Report of Major Hollon Richardson, comdg. 7th WIS:

“General Augustus Gaylord, Adjutant General of Wisconsin:

“[7th Wisconsin] Reg’t left camp with 156 muskets1. Captured 216 prisoners and released about 50 Union prisoners captured earlier by the rebels; lost one man, Pvt Charles Horton, Company E, prisoner.”2



  1. SOPO Editor’s Note: Using Steven Newton’s method for converting effectives to Present for Duty strength, we take (156/.93) x 1.065=~179 officers and men present for duty.
  2. SERIES 1200, Box 33, Folder 1-Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison
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