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UPR: Report of Lieutenant Colonel Mark Finnicum, 7th WI, August 18-21, 1864

SOPO Editor’s Note: This report was transcribed by 7th Wisconsin researcher Roy Gustrowsky and is provided here with his written permission.  This transcription may not be reproduced without Mr. Gustrowsky’s written consent.  All rights reserved.

August 18-21, 1864  Battle at Weldon Railroad

Report of Lt. Col. Mark Finnicum, commanding 7th WIS

 “General Augustus Gaylord, Adjutant General of Wisconsin:

“The [7th Wisconsin] Regiment marched with the remainder of the 5th A[rmy].C[orps]. from where it was on duty in the front line to the left of Petersburg at daylight on the morning of the 18th of August [1864] to the Yellow Tavern on the Weldon railroad, a distance of some six miles. We assisted in supporting the 1st Div[ision]., 5th A[rmy].C[orps]., which had then got possession of the Railroad, during the afternoon, and occupied a portion of the front line near the Railroad through the night. Loss, 3 men wounded.

On the morning of the 19th the brigade was deployed as skirmishers in a dense woods at ten paces apart, extending from the right of the line of battle of the 5th A[rmy].C[orps]., which crossed the RR to the 2nd A[rmy].C[orps]. in the main works in front of Petersburg, the 7th [Wisconsin] Reg’t. on the extreme right of the skirmish line connecting with the 2nd A[rmy].C[orps]. At 3 o’clock P.M. the rebel division under Genl. Hoke broke through the skirmish line to the left of the 7th.

Were captured from the Brigade a regiment of sharpshooters and several prisoners from some other regiments. I retired the left of the skirmish line of the 7th [Wisconsin] so that the enemy could not get on our flank and held the position until the morning of the 20[th of August, 1864], capturing 26 rebels without loss of a man on our part.” I then deployed the regiment by extending intervals nearly on the same line occupied by the general skirmish line on the 19th, until we connected with the right of the 9th A[rmy].C[orps]., which had come to our assistance. In the evening of the 20th the 7th Regt was moved to the west side of the RR and joined the remainder of the Brigade. And threw up breastworks on the morning of the 21st. Our line in front of the RR composed of the _(1st) Brigade, 2nd Brigade 4th Div. 5th A.C. was attacked by five rebel brigades under General Mahone, to wit Haygood’s [sic, Hagood’s] , Harris’s, Finnegan’s, Sanders’, and Mahone’s old Brig. The rebels were repulsed with the loss of about 75 killed some 400 wounded, 500 prisoners and over 500 stand of arms. The 7th Wisc. captured the battle flag of the 16th Mississippi, and all the field officers, less an officer and two men wounded. During the remainder of the month of August and September [1864] the [7th Wisconsin] Regt with the remainder of the 5th A[rmy].C[orps]. has been engaged in guarding and holding the Weldon RR, and extending their lines toward the Petersburg and Lynchburg, or Southside RR.”1


  1. SERIES 1200, Box 33, Folder 1-Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison
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