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OR XLII P1 #227: Reports of Captain Jacob Roemer, 34th NY Btty, Aug 1-Oct 31, 1864

Numbers 227. Reports of Captain Jacob Roemer, Thirty-fourth New York Battery, of operations August 1-October 31.1


Sir: I have the honor to transmit the following detailed account of the movements of this battery from the 28th of September, 1864, to October 15, 1864:

On the 28th instant [ultimo] the battery, lying in park near Jones’ house received orders to move at 3 o’clock in the morning, with pieces and caissons only. Moved to left and halted about daylight near the Gurley house, where it remained until morning of the 30th instant [ultimo]. Then received orders to move in rear of Second Division, Ninth Army Corps, Nineteenth New York Battery having the advance. Moved about four miles farther to the left near present position, when the command was halted just outside the line of breast-works taken by our infantry during the day. Toward evening the battery was ordered forward, when it went into position near Pegram’s house under a galling fire from the enemy. It held its position for fifteen minutes, when it was compelled to retire, with loss of 2 men killed and 3 wounded. Then went into position farther in rear, which (the position) was held for about an hour, firing 168 rounds of ammunition, when it was ordered back to the old line of breast-works, behind which it again took a position, which it held during the night. In the morning (October 1) moved back to high ground in rear and commenced building breast-works to guard against a flank attack. Next morning (2d) advanced to high ground near Pegram’s house; occupied building breast-works during the day; remained in this position until the evening of 6th instant, when it withdrew and went into camp, where it remained until the 11th instant, when ordered into two forts on rear line; the right half battery in Redoubt No. 2, left half battery in Redoubt No. 1, caissons parked near the former, which positions it retains at the present time.

I am, most respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding Thirty-fourth New York Battery.


Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, Artillery Brigadier, Ninth Army Corps.


SIR: I have the honor to forward following report of operations of this battery from 1st day of August, 1864, to October 31, 1864:

August 1, battery in position in Fort Willcox opposite the Crater or Cemetery Hill, Va., with Captain Mayo, Third Maine Battery. d, fired eleven rounds. 4th, fired seven rounds. 5th, fired fifty-two rounds. 6th, fired twenty-one rounds. 7th, fired twenty-one rounds. 8th, fired five rounds. 9th, fired fifty-eight rounds. 11th, fired thirty-five rounds. 12th, thirty-one rounds fired. 13th, fired sixteen rounds. 14th, six rounds fired. 16th, two rounds fired. 17th, eight rounds fired. 18th, fired 149 rounds. 19th, withdrew from Fort Willcox into reserve. 22nd, went into works formerly thrown up by this command to rear and left. 23rd, fired fifteen rounds on the enemy’s working party, who were constructing works in our front. 25th, withdrew; orders to join Third Division, Ninth Army Corps, near the Aiken house, Va., distant four miles; reported and ordered one section in position near the Jones house, Va.; threw up works. 29th Captain Roemer wounded in leg. 31st, left section ordered to join the right; caissons moved to near the Aiken house, Va.

September 1, battery went in position near the Aiken house, Va.; engaged in building works; no change in men or position up to the evening of 28th; ordered to be ready to move at 3 a. m.; joined in a movement to the left; became hotly engaged with the enemy. On September 30 the enemy charge on the battery; we were ordered to fall back, with loss of 3 men killed, 2 wounded; number rounds fired, 176.

October 1, battery in position in rear of Pegram’s house. Va.; throwing up breast-works; laid there until the 6th; withdrew and went into camp farther to rear. October 8, received an additional section of 3-inch rifled Rodman guns. 9th, broke camp; right half of battery ordered to take position in Fort Emery; left half in Fort Cummings; both in rear line; occupied that position until October 27th; withdrew early in the morning and participated in a movement of troops to the left, lying in position in rear of First Division, Ninth Army Corps; threw up breast-works during the night and returned next day without firing a shot and went into camp on the same spot it had lately left, where it remains up to the present date.

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,

Captain, Commanding Thirty-fourth New York Independent Battery.


Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, Artillery Brigadier, Ninth Army Corps.


  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XLII, Part 1 (Serial Number 87), pages 603-604
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