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OR XLII P1 #38: Report of Captain David W. Megraw, 116th PA, August 13-20, 1864

Numbers 38. Report of Captain David W. Megraw, One hundred and sixteenth Pennsylvania Infantry, of operations August 13-20.1

September 28, 1864.

Report of operations of the One hundred and sixteenth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers at Deep Bottom from 13th to the 20th of August, 1864:

August 13, lay at City Point, waiting to embark on transports. In the afternoon got aboard of a steam-boat and started down the James River. After going a mile or two cast anchor and remained until 9 p.m., when the whole fleet got under way. August 14, arrived at Deep Bottom. Disembarked about 6 a.m., and marched a short distance; halted and remained an hour or so. About 8 a.m. took up line of march and advanced on the enemy to support the Second Division of Second Army Corps. Remained until evening and were then ordered to retire to the woods. Remained in the woods all night. August 15, regiment lying in the woods. Nothing of consequence occurred during the day. Sent out picket detail at night. August 16, regiment still in the woods. All quiet during the day until toward evening, when the command was ordered to move to the right. After marching about one mile and a half the regiment was formed in line of battle near the Tenth Army Corps, where they remained until evening, and then fell back half a mile and remained all night. August 17, regiment in the same position as the evening previous. All quiet during the day. Sent out picket detail at night. August 18, regiment in same position. Remained quiet all day until late in the afternoon, when the whole command was ordered to move double-quick and marched to the right; returned in about an hour. After dark fell in again and moved about two miles to the left, halted, and began to build breast-works. August 19, men still employed on the works for a short time in the morning. All quiet during the day. Sent out picket detail at night. August 20, behind breast-works. Everything quiet, and continued so all day. After dark the whole command (except those on picket) began to move and by midnight had all crossed the James River.

List of casualties at Deep Bottom, from 13th to 20th August, 1864.#

Respectfully submitted.


Captain, Commanding Regiment.


#Nominal list (omitted) shows 2 men killed, 2 men wounded, and 3 men missing.



  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XLII, Part 1 (Serial Number 87), page 283
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