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OR XL P1 #215: Reports of Captain Albert F. Thomas, 2nd ME Btty, June 12-July 30, 1864

No. 215. Reports of Captain Albert F. Thomas, Second Maine Battery.*1


At 6 p.m. of the 12th [June] left positions and took up the line of march, crossing the Chickahominy on the morning of the 14th, and camping, on the north bank of the James the following night. 15th, crossed the James and went into park, where we remained till the morning of the 16th, when we marched to near Petersburg, where we now remain. Here the battery has taken a part in all the principal engagements in which the Ninth Corps has been engaged. 19th, Corpl. W. Ott slightly wounded; 20th and 21st, had 5 horses killed; 27th, Private A. Peabody wounded; 28th, 2 horses killed; and on the 30th Private Thomas F. Simpson was killed by a sharpshooters.

July 1, still in position, where we remained till the 5th, when we were relieved by the Eleventh Massachusetts Battery and went to the rear and went into camp, and there laid till the 24th, when the battery again took position, relieving the Twenty-seventh New York Battery, where it remained several days, engaging the enemy daily till the 30th, when, at daylight, we opened, according to orders, and kept up a brisk fire nearly all day, firing 550 rounds. When operations were over near the close of the day the fort on which I concentrated the fire from my battery could not show the slightest sign of an embrasure, we had so completely battered it down, while we received but slight injury, having but 5 men slightly wounded, not enough to excuse them from duty.

Total amount of ammunition expended in my battery during the time herein specified, about 2,600 rounds.


Captain, Commanding Second Battery Maine Volunteers.

SECOND MAINE BATTERY, Near Petersburg, Va., August 5, 1864.

SIR: I have the honor to report that on the morning of July 30 I opened fire with my battery on the enemy’s works at the explosion of the mine and continued firing at intervals all day, expending about 550 rounds of ammunition. We received no material injury, having but 3 men slightly wounded.

I am, sir, very respectfully,


Captain, Commanding Second Maine Battery.

Lieutenant CHAPIN,

Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, Artillery, Ninth Army Corps.


*For portion of report (here omitted) covering operations from May 5 to June 12, 1864, see Vol. XXXVI, Part I, p.921.



  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XL, Part 1 (Serial Number 80), page 601
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