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OR XL P1 #83: Report of Major Nathaniel Shatswell, 1st MAHA, July 26-30, 1864

No. 83. Report of Major Nathaniel Shatswell, First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, of operations July 26-30.1

Fort Hays, Va., September 25, 1864.

Report of part taken by the First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Major N. Shatswell commanding, in the campaign from July 26, 1864, to July 30, 1864, inclusive:

Broke camp at 5 p. m. July 26, marched toward City Point, diverged to the left near Commissary Station; crossed Appomattox River at Point of Rocks, marched all night, reaching Jones’ Landing at 4 a. m. July 27; crossed the James River at Deep Bottom at 5 a. m., and bivouacked. Formed line of battle with brigade at 7 a. m. in woods facing Strawberry Plains. Detached from rest of the brigade, and sent to support skirmish line of the Second Division, under severe fire from rebel batteries. Lay in support of skirmish line until afternoon, and joined rest of brigade, and lay in woods all night. At 11 a. m. July 28 moved to the right and formed line of battle with brigade. At 2 p. m. moved to the left, and build works facing New Market road. Moved out by the right flank at 8 a. m. to James River, crossed pontoon bridge, marched all night, and at daybreak July 29 reached position in rear of Eighteenth Army Corps line, and formed a position; bivouacked all day in woods east of City Point railroad. At dark moved up into front line of works and relieved a portion of Eighteenth Army Corps. We occupied that line during the whole of July 30, keeping up a continual fire on the enemy’s works. Were relieved after dark July 30, and moved to the place we occupied July 26, 1864.

Respectfully submitted.


Major, Commanding First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.


  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XL, Part 1 (Serial Number 80), page 400
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