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OR XL P1 #71: Report of Major Erastus M. Spaulding, 8th NYHA, June 12-July 29, 1864

No. 71. Report of Major Erastus M. Spaulding, Eighth New York Heavy Artillery, of operations June 12-July 29.1

HDQRS. EIGHTH Regiment NEW YORK VOL. ARTILLERY, August 10, 1864.+

Marched from Cold Harbor June 12, crossed the James River June 14, and arrived in front of Petersburg June 15. Charged the enemy’s


+ For portion of report (here omitted) covering operations from May 18 to June 12, 1864, see Vol. XXXVI, Part I, p.461.


works on the 16th, advanced within fifty yards of the works, held that position, and intrenched during the night, and was relieved on the night of the 17th. On June 21 changed position, marching to the left, and rested near the Jerusalem plank road that night. On the morning of the 22nd took position about half a mile in rear of the works, which were that day taken by the enemy. Remained there intrenching until about 4 p. m., under fire of a rebel battery. Were then moved forward, and at about 5 p. m. charged and attempted to retake the lost works. Advanced to within a few yards of the works and held position there until dark, and entrenched in the night under severe picket-fire. On the morning of the 23rd advanced and occupied the works which the enemy had abandoned. On the evening of the 23rd withdrew a distance of a mile, threw up entrenchments. Remained there until the 25th, when we were moved to the left to occupy the front line, which we did until 3 p. m. of the 27th [26th]; then marched to Deep Bottom.

At 9 p. m. of the 29th returned to the position before Petersburg, and were held in reserve during the operations of that day.


Major, Commanding Regiment.

Captain W. A. LA MOTTE,

Assistant, Adjutant-General.


  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XL, Part 1 (Serial Number 80), pages 381-382
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