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OR XL P1 #66: Report of Colonel Mathew Murphy, 182nd NY, commanding 2/2/II/AotP, July 14-30, 1864

No. 66. Report of Colonel Mathew Murphy, One hundred and eighty-second New York Infantry (Sixty-ninth New York National Guard Artillery), commanding Second Brigade, of operations July 14-30.1

HDQRS. SECOND BRIG., SECOND DIV., 2nd ARMY CORPS, September 1, 1864.


I reported for duty again on the 14th of July, 1864, and took command of the Legion and the Eighth New York Heavy Artillery, known as Second Brigade, Second Division, Second Army Corps. Until the 26th of July nothing of note happened. On this latter day we proceeded to Deep Bottom, at which we arrived next morning. This brigade, with the exception of the One hundred and sixty-fourth New York Volunteers, which regiment was on picket duty, was not engaged with the enemy while at Deep Bottom, and had but one casualty, a man of the One hundred and seventieth New York Volunteers wounded seriously. Together with the rest of the division (having returned to our position before Petersburg) we were held in reserve all of the day of the 30th of July. On this latter day there was no loss.

I am, captain, yours, very respectfully,

Colonel, Commanding Brigade.


Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, Second Division, Second Army Corps.


* For portion of report (here omitted) covering operations from May 4 to May 18, 1864, see Vol. XXXVI, Part I, p. 459.



  1. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Volume XL, Part 1 (Serial Number 80), page 378
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