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864jaf: Union Forces Battle of Fair Oaks and Darbytown Rd, Virginia 27-28 October 1864

                          Union Forces
         Battle of Fair Oaks and Darbytown Rd, Virginia
                       27-28 October 18641 

X Corps: Bvt. Major General A.H.Terry
     1st Division: Brigadier General A.Ames
          1st Brigade: Colonel A.C.Voris
               39th Illinois Infantry Regiment
               62nd Ohio Infantry Regiment
               67th Ohio Infantry Regiment
               85th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
          2nd Brigade: Colonel J.C.Abbott
               6th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               7th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               3rd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               7th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               16th New York Heavy Artillery (7 cos)
          3rd Brigade: Colonel  H.M.Plaisted
               10th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               11th Maine Infantry Regiment
               24th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
               100th New York Infantry Regiment
     2nd Division: Brigadier General R.S.Foster
          1st Brigade: Colonel N.M.Curtis
               3rd New York Infantry Regiment
               112th  New York Infantry Regiment
               117th New York Infantry Regiment
               142nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
               Infantry Regiment
          2nd Brigade: Colonel G.Pennypacker
               47th New York Infantry Regiment
               76th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
               97th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
               203rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
          3rd Brigade: Colonel L. Bell
               13th Indiana Infantry Regiment (3 cos)
               9th Maine Infantry Regiment
               115th New York Infantry Regiment
     3rd Division: Brigadier General J.R.Hawley
          1st Brigade: Colonel J.Shaw, Jr.
               7th U.S.Colored Troops
               9th U.S.Colored Troops
               41st U.S.Colored Troops
          2nd Brigade: Colonel U. Doubleday
               29th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               8th U.S.Colored Troops
               45th U.S.Colored Troops
     Artillery Brigade: Lt. Col. R.H.Jackson
               1st U.S. Artilley, Battery C
               1st U.S. Artilley, Battery D
               1st & 3rd Bn/4th Massachusetts Cavalry

XVIII Corps: Bvt. Major General G.Weitzel
HQ:            8th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
     1st Division: Brigadier General G.Marston
     HQ:       Sharpshooters
          1st Brigade: Lt. Colonel J.B.Raulston
               13th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               81st New York Infantry Regiment
               98th New York Infantry Regiment
               139th New York Infantry Regiment
          2nd Brigade: Colonel E.M.Cullen
               5th Maryland Infantry Regiment
               Det/92nd New York Infantry Regiment
               96th New York Infantry Regiment
               118th New York Infantry Regiment
          3rd Brigade: Lt. Colonel J.N.Patterson
               21st Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               40th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
               2nd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               58th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
               188th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
     2nd Division: Brigadier General C. A. Heckman
          2nd Brigade: Colonel E.H.Ripley
               8th Maine Infantry Regiment
               9th Vermont Infantry Regiment
          3rd Brigade: Colonel H.S.Fairchild
               89th New York Infantry Regiment
               148th New York Infantry Regiment
               G/2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
               19th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
     3rd Division: Brigadier General
          1st Brigade: Colonel J.H.Holman
               (Lt Col. A.G.Chamberlain)
               1st U.S. Colored Troops
               22nd U.S. Colored Troops
               37th U.S. Colored Troops
          2nd Brigade: Colonel A.G.Draper
               5th U.S. Colored Troops
               36th U.S. Colored Troops
               38th U.S. Colored Troops
               2nd U.S. Colored Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
               New York Light Artillery, 16th Battery
               1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery A
Cavalry Division: Colonel R.M.West
          1st Brigade: Colonel G.W.Lewis
               3rd New York Cavalry Regiment
               5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
          2nd Brigade: Colonel S.P.Spear
               1st District of Columbia Cavalry Regiment (l bn)
               11th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
          3rd Brigade: Colonel A.W.Evans
               1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment
               1st New York Mounted Rifle Regiment
          Artillery: Lt. D.L.Noggel
               Wisconsin Light Artillery, 4th Battery (l section)
               1st U.S. Artillery, Battery B

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


  1. U.S. War Department, The War of the Succession, A Compilation of
    Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Government
    Printing Office; Washington D.C. 1880-1901
  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection
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  • Brent Hutchinson July 19, 2013, 7:59 pm

    I was checking out the order of battle for the sixth offensive battle of Darbytown Road. My ancestors served in the 142nd NYIV. Their unit was in the X corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade under Col. N. M. Curtis. Their unit is mistakenly labeled as the 142nd Pennsylvania on the list.

    My 3rd great grandfather, First Sgt. David Hutchinson of Co. K, was killed in the assault on the defenses at Darbytown Road on October 27th or 28th.

    His cousin, Johnston Hutchinson, who served in the same company, suffered a gunshot wound to the right thigh in the assault on the Petersburg defenses, battle of Harrison’s Creek, on June 18th, 1864. He was taken to General Hospital Chesapeake at Fortress Monroe, and lingered there until he died on the 18th of August, 1864. He’s buried in Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA.

    Any new information regarding the 6th offensive?

  • bschulte July 21, 2013, 7:40 pm


    Check out the new book Richmond Must Fall: The Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, October 1864. It covers this battle in detail.


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