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865dq: Union Forces Department of Virginia 30 April 1865

                          Union Forces
                     Department of Virginia
                          30 April 18651

Commanding Officer:  Major General E.O.C.Ord
Headquarter's Guard:
               D/, I/3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
Signal Corps: Bvt. Major J.C.Paine (l5/l03)
Engineers: lst New York (l4/647)
Unattached Cavalry:
               Det/4th Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment (l7/499)
               7th New York (lst Mounted Rifles) (30/768)
Cavalry Brigade: Brigadier General R.S.Mackenzie (90/2,490)
               lst District of Columbia Cavalry Regiment (3 cos)
               lst Maryland Cavalry Regiment
               Det/20th New York Cavalry Regiment
               5th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
               llth Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
               Wisconsin Light Artillery, 4th Battery
Separate Brigade: Brigadier General J.B. Carr (5l/l,220)
     Fort Pocahontas, VA: Lt. Colonel A.W.Angel
               38th New Jersey Infantry Regiment (4 cos)
               I/l84th New York Infantry Regiment
               D/20th New York Cavalry Regiment
               E/,H/l6th New York Heavy Artillery
     Harrison's Landing: Colonel W.G.Robinson
               Det/l84th New York Infantry Regiment
               I/lst U.S. Colored Cavarly Regiment
     Fort  Powhatan,  VA:  Colonel  W.J.Sewell
               Det/38th  New Jersey Infantry Regiment
               F/20th New York Cavarly Regiment
               Det/3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Lt.Gill
               E/lst U.S. Colored Cavalry Regiment
U.S. Forces Petersburg: Major General G.L.Hartsuff
     Division: Bvt. Major General E.Ferrero
          lst Brigade: Bvt. Brigadier General G.H.McKibbin
               4lst New York Infantry Regiment (6 cos)
               l03rd New York Infantry Regiment (3 cos)
               2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Col. Strawbridge
          3rd Brigade: Colonel G.C.Kibbe
               6th New York Heavy Artillery, LTC Baker
               l0th New York Heavy Artillery, Cpt. Parker
               New York Light Artillery, 33rd Battery
          Artillery Brigade: Bvt. Brigadier General H.L.Abbot
               lst Connecticut Heavy Artillery (l2 cos)
               Connecticut Light Artillery, 3rd Battery
          U.S. Forces, City Point: Bvt. Brig. Gen.C.S.Russell
               Det/l6th New York Heavy Artillery, Col. J.J.Morrison
               8th U.S. Colored Troops
               l0th U.S. Colored Troops
               28th U.S. Colored Troops          

District of Eastern Virginia: Brigadier General G.H.Gordon
     Defenses of Norvolk and Portsmouth: Brig. Gen. C.K.Graham
               Det/2nd U.S. Colored Cavarly
          Near Norfolk:
               l04th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
          Near Portsmouth:
               New York Light Artillery, 9th Battery
               2nd U.S. Colored Light Artillery, Battery B
          Getty's Station:
               Det/lst U.S. Colored Artillery
               3rd New York Cavalry Regiment
          Fort Hazlett:
               l3th New York Heavy Artillery
               Det/2nd Bn, U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps:
          Fort Monroe: Colonel J.Roberts
               Det/3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
          Eastern Shore:
               A/lst Virginia Loyal
               A/Purnell Legion (Maryland) Cavalry
               E/20th New York Cavalry Regiment
               L/llth Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
               Det/3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Lt. Bowman
          District of the Peninsula:
                    Bvt. Brig. Gen. B.C.Ludlow
               G/4th Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment
               H/, K/20th New York Cavalry Regiment
               A/,G/,H/lst U.S.Colored Cavalry
               2nd U.S.Colored Cavalry (5 cos)
     Acting Pontoniers: Bvt. Brig. Gen. P.S.Michie
               I/3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery (4/96)
24th Corps: Brigadier General J.B.Carr (59l/l3,558)
     lst Division: Brigadier General R.S.Foster
          lst Brigade: Colonel T.O.Osborn
               39th Illinois Infantry Regiment
               62nd Ohio Infantry Regiment
               67th Ohio Infantry Regiment
               85th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
               l99th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
          3rd Brigade: Colonel G.B.Dandy
               l0th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               llth Maine Infantry Regiment
               24th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
               l00th New York Infantry Regiment
               206th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
          4th Brigade: Colonel H.S.Fairchile
               8th Maine Infantry Regiment
               89th New York Infantry Regiment
               l48th New York Infantry Regiment
               l58th New York Infantry Regiment
               55th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

     3rd Division: Brigadier General C.Devens
          lst Brigade: Colonel G.F.Nichols
               llth Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               l3th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               8lst New York Infantry Regiment
               98th New York Infantry Regiment
               l39th New York Infantry Regiment
               l9th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
          2nd Brigade: Colonel M.T.Donohoe
               8th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               5th Maryland Infantry Regiment
               l0th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               l2th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               96th New York Infantry Regiment
               ll8th New York Infantry Regiment
               9th Vermont Infantry Regiment
          3rd Brigade: Colonel S.H.Roberts
               2lst Connecticut Infantry Regiment
               40th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
               2nd New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
               58th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
               l88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
     Independent Division: Bvt. Major General J.W.Turner
          lst Brigade: Colonel W.S.Lincoln
               34th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
               ll6th Ohio Infantry Regiment
               l23rd Ohio Infantry Regiment (l0 cos)
          2nd Brigade: Colonel W.B.Curtis
               23rd Illinois Infantry Regiment
               Det/54th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
               l2th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
          3rd Brigade: Brigadier General T.M.Harris
               l0th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
               llth West Virginia Infantry Regiment
               l5th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
               3rd New York Light Artillery, Battery E
               3rd New York Light Artillery, Battery H
               3rd New York Light Artillery, Battery K
               3rd New York Light Artillery, Battery M
               New York Light Artillery, 7th Battery
               New York Light Artillery, l7th Battery
               lst Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery A
               lst Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery F
               lst U.S.Artillery, Battery B
               4th U.S.Artillery, Battery L
               5th U.S.Artillery, Battery A
               5th U.S.Artillery, Battery F
25th Corps: Major General G.Weitzel (4l7/l3,432)
     lst Division: Bvt. Major General A.V.Kautz
          lst Brigade: Bvt. Brigadier General A.G.Draper
               22nd U.S. Colored Infantry
               36th U.S. Colored Infantry
               38th U.S. Colored Infantry
               ll8th U.S. Colored Infantry

          2nd Brigade: Colonel T.D.Sedgewick
               9th U.S. Colored Infantry
               ll4th U.S. Colored Infantry
               ll7th U.S. Colored Infantry
          3rd  Brigade: Brigadier General H.G.Thomas
               l9th U.S. Colored Infantry
               23rd U.S. Colored Infantry
               43rd U.S. Colored Infantry
               U.S. Colored Infantry
     2nd Division: Bvt. Brigadier General R.H.Jackson
               Det/l27th U.S. Colored Troops
          lst Brigade: Colonel J.Shaw, Jr.
               7th U.S. Colored Infantry
               l09th U.S. Colored Infantry
               ll5th U.S. Colored Infantry
          2nd Brigade: Bvt. Brigadier General U.Doubleday
               8th U.S. Colored Infantry
               4lst U.S. Colored Infantry
               45th U.S. Colored Infantry
               l27th U.S. Colored Infantry
          3rd  Brigade: Colonel W.W.Woodward
               29th U.S. Colored Infantry
               3lst U.S. Colored Infantry
               ll6th U.S. Colored Infantry
     Artillery Brigade: Cpt. L.L.Langdon
               Connecticut Light Artillery, lst Battery
               New Jersey Light Artillery, 4th Battery
               New Jersey Light Artillery, 5th Battery
               lst Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery E
               3rd Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery C
               lst U.S.Artillery, Battery D
               lst U.S.Artillery, Battery M
               4th U.S.Artillery, Battery D

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


  1. U.S. War Department, The War of the Succession, A Compilation of
    Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Government
    Printing Office; Washington D.C. 1880-1901
  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection
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