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864ecb: Confederate Forces in the Richmond and Petersburg Lines 5 – 10 May

                       Confederate Forces
              in the Richmond and Petersburg Lines
                           5 - 10 May1 

Commanding Officer: General G.T.Beauregard

     Ransom's Division: Major General R.Ransom, Jr.
          Gracie's Brigade: Brigadier General A.Gracie
               41st Alabama Infantry Regiment
               53rd Alabama Infantry Regiment
               59th Alabama Infantry Regiment
               60th Alabama Infantry Regiment
          Barton's Brigade: Brigadier General S.M.Barton
               9th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               14th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               38th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               53rd Virginia Infantry Regiment
               57th Virginia Infantry Regiment
          Kemper's Brigade: colonel W.R.Terry
               1st Virginia Infantry Regiment
               3rd Virginia Infantry Regiment
               7th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               11th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               24th Virginia Infantry Regiment
          Hoke's (old) Brigade: Lt.Colonel W.G.Lewis
               6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               54th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               57th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               1st North Carolina Infantry Battalion
          Artillery: Lt.Colonel C.E.Lightfoot
               Hankin's (Virginia) Battery
               Rives' (Virginia) Battery
               Thornton's (Virginia) Battery
     Hoke's Division: Major General R.F.Hoke
          Corse's Brigade: Brigadier General M.D.Corse
               15th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               17th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               18th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               29th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               30th Virginia Infantry Regiment
          Johnson's Brigade: Brigadier General B.R.Johnson
               17th & 23rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
               25th, 44th, & 53rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
          Clingman's Brigade: Brigadier General T.L.Clingman
               8th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               31st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               51st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               61st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
          Hagood's Brigade: Brigadier General J.Hagood
               11th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               21st South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               25th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               27th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
               7th South Carolina Infantry Battalion
               51st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
          Artillery: Lt. Colonel B.F.Eschleman
               Martin's (Virginia) Battery
               Owen's (Louisiana) Battery
               Payne's Battery (improvised battery)
     Colquitt's Division: Brigadier General A.H.Colquitt
          Colquitt's Brigade:
               6th Georgia Infantry Regiment
               19th Georgia Infantry Regiment
               23rd Georgia Infantry Regiment
               27th Georgia Infantry Regiment
               28th Georgia Infantry Regiment
          Ransom's Brigade:
               24th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               25th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               35th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               49th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               56th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
          Artillery: Major M.Owen
               composition unknown
               3rd North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
               7th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
     Whiting's Division: Major General W.H.C.Whiting
          Wise's Brigade: Brigadier General H.A.Wise
               26th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               34th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               46th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               59th Virginia Infantry Regiment
          Martin's Brigade: Brigadier General J.G.Martin
               17th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               42nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               66th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
          Cavalry Brigade: Brigadier General J.Dearing
               7th Confederate Cavalry Regiment
               8th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
               4th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
               65th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
          Artillery Battalion: Major J.P.W.Read
               38th Virginia Artillery Battalion
                    Blount's Battery
                    Caskie's Battery
                    Macon's Battery
                    Marshall's Battery
          Elliot's Brigade: Colonel S.Elliot
               61st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
               Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion
          Hunton's Brigade: Brigadier General E.Hunton
               (on 10 May assigned to Ransom's Command)
               8th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               19th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               25th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               32nd Virginia Infantry Regiment
               56th Virginia Infantry Regiment
               42nd Virginia Cavalry Battalion
          Maryland Line: Colonel B.T.Johnson
               (on 10 May assigned to Ransom's Command)
               2nd Maryland Infantry Regiment
               1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment
               1st Maryland Battery, Cpt. Dement
               2nd Maryland Battery, Cpt. Griffin
               4th Maryland Battery
               (on 10 May assigned to Ransom's Command)
               D/1st Engineer Regiment
     Richmond Defenses: Colonel W.H.Stevens
               (on 10 May assigned to Ransom's Command)
          1st Division, Inner Line: Lt. Colonel J.W.Atkinson
               10th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
               19th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
          2nd Division, Inner Line: Lt. Colonel J.Howard
               18th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
               20th Virginia Heavy Artillery Battalion
               Louisiana Guard Artillery, cpt. Green

     Chaffin's Bluff: Lt. Colonel J.M.Maury
               (on 10 May assigned to Ransom's Command)
               Goochland (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt. Talley
               James City (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt. Richardson
               Lunenburg (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt.Allen
               Pamunkey (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt.Jones
     Drewry's Bluff: Major F.W.Smith
               (on 10 May assigned to Ransom's Command)
               Johnston's (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt.Epes
               Neblett (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt. Coleman
               Southside (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt. Drewry
               United (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt.Kevill
     Chaffin's Farm:
               (on 10 May assigned to Ransom's Command)
               Mathews (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt.Armistead
               McComas (Virginia) Artillery, Cpt.French
Artillery: H.P.Jones
     Moseley's Battalion: Lt. Colonel E.F.Moseley
               Young's (Virginia) Battery
               Cummings' (North Carolina) Battery
               Miller's (North Carolina) Battery
               Slaten's (Georgia) Battery
     Coit's Battalion: Major J.C.Coit
               Bradford's (Mississippi) Battery
               Kelly's (South Carolina) Battery
               Pegram's (Virginia) Battery
               Wright's (Virginia) Battery

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


  1. U.S. War Department, The War of the Succession, A Compilation of
    Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Government
    Printing Office; Washington D.C. 1882
  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection
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