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865bj: Confederate Forces Department of Richmond 28 February 1865

                       Confederate Forces
                     Department of Richmond
                        28 February 18651

Commanding Officer: Lt. General R.S.Ewell

Barton's Brigade: Brigadier General S.M.Barton
     22nd Virginia Infantry Battalion
     25th Virginia Infantry Battalion
     40th Virginia Infantry Battalion
     47th & 55th Virginia Infantry Battalion
 Moore's Brigade: Brigadier General P.T.Moore (ll5/995)
     3rd Regiment Local Defense Troops
     lst Virginia Reserves
     2nd Virginia Reserves
     lst Virginia Battalion Reserves
     2nd Virginia Battalion Reserves
Artillery Brigade: Colonel S. Crutchfield (25/439)
     l0th Virginia Battalion, Maj.J.O.Hensley
     l8th Virginia Battalion, Maj.M.B.Hardin
     l9th Virginia Battalion, Maj.N.R.Cary
     20th Virginia Battalion, Maj.J.E.Robertson
     Garrison, Chaffin's Bluff, Maj.W.H.Bigges
9th Georgia Artillery Battalion: Major A.Leyden (l3/328)
Light Artillery Battalion: Lt. Colonel C.E.Lightfoot

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


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  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection
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