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865ci: Confederate Forces McLaw’s Division 25 March 1865

                       Confederate Forces
                        McLaw's Division
                          25 March 18651 

McLaw's Division:
     Kennedy's Brigade:
          2nd South Caroline Infantry Regiment
          3rd South Caroline Infantry Regiment
          7th South Caroline Infantry Regiment
          8th South Caroline Infantry Regiment
          l5th South Caroline Infantry Regiment
          20th South Caroline Infantry Regiment
          3rd South Caroline Infantry Battalion
     Fiser's Brigade:
          lst Georgia Regulars
          5th Georgia Reserves
          27th Georgia Battalion
          6th Georgia Reserves
          2nd Georgia Battalion Reserves
     Harrison's Brigade:
          5th Georgia Regiment
          47th Georgia Regiment
          32nd Georgia Regiment
     Blanchard's Brigade:
          lst Battalion South Carolina Reserves
          2nd Battalion South Carolina Reserves
          6th Battalion South Carolina Reserves
          7th Battalion South Carolina Reserves
          Kay's Company of South Carolina Reserves
          Battalion of Artillery
          Brooke's Battery (Terrell Artillery)
          Abell's Battery
          Anderson's Battery
          Maxwell's section of light artillery

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


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    Printing Office; Washington D.C. 1880-1901
  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection
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