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864ibf: Confederate Forces Cavalry Corps Army of Northern Virginia 30 September 1864

                       Confederate Forces
                          Cavalry Corps
                    Army of Northern Virginia
                        30 September 18641 

Commanding Officer: Major General Wade Hampton

Lee's Division: Major General W.H.F.Lee (2,684)
     Chamnbliss' Brigade: Colonel J.L.Davis
          9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
          10th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
          13th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
     Barringer's Brigade: Brigadier General R. Barringer
          1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
          2nd North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
          3rd North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
          5th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Butler's Division: Brigadier General M.C.Butler (1,510)
     Butler's Brigade: Brigadier General J.Dunovant
          4th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
          5th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
          6th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
     Young's Brigade: Brigadier General P.M.B.Young
          7th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
          Combined Regiment
               Alabama Cavalry Battalion
               Phillipps' (Georgia) Legion
          Combined Regiment
               20th Georgia Cavalry Battalion
               Jeff Davis Legion
          Cobb's Legion
Dearing's Brigade: Brigadier General J.Dearing (1,374)
          7th Confederate Cavalry Regiment
          4th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
          8th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
Artillery Brigade: Major R.P.Chew (222)
          hart's (South Carolina) Battery, Cpt.Hart
          McGregor's (Virginia) Battery, Cpt.McGregor
          Petersburg (Virginia) Light Artillery, Cpt. Grahm

(Order of Battle From the George Nafziger Collection)2


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  2. George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection
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