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NT: July 9, 1891 National Tribune: The 3d Vt. Battery at Fort Gregg by C.A. Story

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

The 3rd Vt. Battery at Fort Gregg

C.A. Story, 3d Vt. battery, Victory, Vt., says that in all the accounts he has read about Fort Gregg, he has seen nothing regarding the part taken by any of the batteries.  He knows three batteries aided materially in the capture of the fort, his being one.  The battery belonged to the reserve artillery of the Sixth Corps, and had four brass guns in Fort Fisher. The writer had been a member of the Old Vermont Brigade about two years before, and naturally felt a great deal of interest in them, especially his own old company and regiment, and he knows they did their full share in the capture of Petersburg.  The 3d Vt. battery had the honor of firing the signals for the charge of the Sixth Corps, and the battery was held in readiness for anything that might happen.  It moved out at the request of Col. Michie, of Gen. Gibbon’s staff, passed the captured picket-lines, and took position within 300 yards of Battery Owen, a rebel fort in front of Gregg, dislodged the enemy’s sharpshooters, and then moved forward to a position south of Fort Gregg, opening an effective fire upon that work.  An hour’s vigorous firing by the battery silenced the guns in Gregg, disabling two of them, which were afterwards captured in the fort, and killing several of the gunners.1

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