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NT: September 17, 1881 National Tribune: General William M. Gregg

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

General William M. Gregg

General William M. Gregg, who died in Tunkhannock on Friday, was the first man in Elmira to volunteer at the outbreak of the war. He was a saddler by trade, and won his way by his energy and pluck. At the charge upon Fort Damnation, before Petersburg, he was struck by a shell and knocked senseless. The same shell took off the top of the head of a soldier who was standing near. He was Major of the Twenty-third New York, and afterwards raised, and was Colonel of the One hundred and seventy-ninth New York, until promoted to the command of a brigade. From our personal knowledge we know him to have been a whole-souled, frank, open-hearted man, and good soldier. His loss will be deeply felt by his old comrades and acquaintances generally.1


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