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NP: September 10, 1864 Richmond Examiner: The War News, September 9

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.

[Note: Sections of this article not pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg were removed.]


Nothing of interest has occurred at Petersburg since the cannonading mentioned yesterday, which we administered the Yankees on Thursday.  It is well to bombard the Yankees occasionally, if only to make them unhappy and keep them quiet.

Grant has made no new movement.  His line is now twenty miles long, his right being at Deep Bottom, on the north side of the James, his left resting heavily and firmly on the Weldon railroad, two miles south of Petersburg.  When old Butler shall have completed his canal across Dutch Gap, we may look for a simultaneous movement at that point and from the Weldon railroad.  Until then “all quiet” will be the daily report from Petersburg.1

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  1. “The War News.” Richmond Examiner. September 10, 1864, p. 1 col. 1
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