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NP: September 8, 1864 Brockport (NY) Republic: The Position on the North Side of the James River

Editor’s Note: This article was found by Brett Schulte at the free newspaper site Historical Newspapers of the Rochester, New York Region and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

THE POSITION ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THE JAMES RIVER.—A correspondent of the Tribune writes:

Our fortified line on the north side of the river now extends about seven miles from the Dutch Gap and Curles Neck Bend of the river, in a northerly direction to White Oak Swamp, which, it will be seen by the map, puts our right as near Richmond as it would be opposite Fort Darling.  Our position and our Lieutenant-General are both as full of strategy as the army is of patriotic fire, and just at the present time there is no such thing as predicting, one day, what grand result may take place the next.  One thing is certain, that the rebel line has been greatly attenuated by this movement of ours on the North side of the river, and must have some week points somewhere.—Whether it be on the right, the left, or along the line, you may look out for a grand dash at one or more of these points, at any time.1

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  1. “The Position on the North Side of the James River.” Brockport (NY) Republic. September 8, 1864, p. 3 col. 2
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