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NP: September 7, 1864 Philadelphia Evening Bulletin: Colonel Leasure and the Roundheads

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by David Welch (100th Pennsylvania Roundheads) and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

[From the Pittsburgh Chronicle]


We had a pleasant interview to-day with Colonel Leasure, of the 100th Regiment Pa. Vols., “Roundheads,” who, on the 30th ult., were mustered out of service at the expiration of the three years, with that portion of the men who did not re-enlist as veterans.  About one hundred and thirty men will be mustered out between this and the middle of February next, which will leave seven hundred men still in the regiment as veterans and recruits.  The Colonel, and about fifty of the men mustered out, arrived in the city last night on their way home.  Colonel (now Doctor) Leasure returns to New Castle to resume the practice of his profession, and assist in filling up our depleted ranks.  His health is not good, which accounts for his leaving the service.  He is the only officer in his command who has never received promotion and whose time expired at the end of the three years.  Captain Pentecost, of Co. A, who was promoted to be Lieutenant-Colonel, now commands the regiment.  Colonel Leasure had a son captured at the mine FIASCO before Petersburg on the 30th of July, who is now in one of the Southern prisons.  The Colonel has a complete list of the casualties in his regiment from the 6th of May down to the present time—amounting to four hundred and forty-three—and any person desiring information concerning relatives and friends can address him at New Castle.1

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