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NP: September 2, 1864 Richmond Examiner: A. P. Hill’s Report on 2nd Ream’s Station

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.


A week ago, just after the battle at Reams’ station, on the Weldon railroad, General [Ambrose P.] Hill made the following report:

“August 26, 1864.


“General A. P. Hill attacked the enemy in his intrenchments, at Reams’ station, yesterday evening, and at the second assault carried his entire line.

“Cooke’s and McRae’s North Carolina brigades, under General Heth, and Lane’s North Carolina brigade, of Wilcox’s division, under General Connor, with Pegram’s artillery, composed the assaulting column.

“One line of breastworks was carried by the cavalry under General Hampton, with great gallantry, who contributed largely to the success of the day.

“Seven stands of colours, two thousand prisoners, and nine pieces of artillery are in our possession.

“The loss of the enemy in killed and wounded is reported to be heavy—ours relatively small.

“Our profound gratitude is due to the Giver of all victory, and our thanks to the brave men and officers engaged.                                                                R. E. LEE”

We had known of the victory before, but only by the receipt of this dispatch from General Lee’s had were we assured of its importance and completeness.  He having said “our profound gratitude is due to the Giver of all victory,” we had no longer a doubt or anxiety on the subject.  We republish it now that it may be compared with Hancock’s absurdly false report of the same battle, published yesterday.  It should be recollected that Hancock and his friends were put on their mettle to tell their most thorough and abominable lie for the purpose of affecting the spirits of the peace men of the Chicago Convention.

At the same time it affords us extraordinary satisfaction to be able to lay before our readers the following official report of General A. P. Hill  of this battle, which was received at the War-Office last evening.  It will be seen that, as usual in such cases, General Lee understated the fruits of the victory.  This is General Hill’s report:

“August 31, 1864.

“Colonel—I have the honour to report the correct list of results in the fight of the 25th [of August], at Reams’ station.  We captured twelve stands of colours, nine pieces of artillery, ten caissons, twenty-one hundred and fifty prisoners, thirty-one hundred stands of small arms and thirty-two horses.

“My own loss in cavalry, artillery and infantry is seven hundred and twenty men killed, wounded and missing.

“Very respectfully,
“A. P. HILL, Lieutenant-General.

COLONEL W. H. TAYLOR, Assistant Adjutant-General”1

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  1. “The Battle of Reams’ Station–General Hill’s Official Report.” Richmond Examiner. September 2, 1864, p. 1 col. 1
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