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NP: November 4, 1864 The Bedford Inquirer: Co. E, 76th PA Casualties from July 6-August 16, 1864

List of Casualties.

In Co. “E,” 76th Reg[imen]t. P[ennsylvania].V[olunteers]. since the opening of the campaign 1864, in Virginia.

AT CHESTER HEIGHTS, May 7.-Wounded.-Corp. Levi Agnew, forearm, severe; Chas. Caldwell, foot, severe; David Johnson, arm, severe, since dead; John Leader, shoulder, severe; Preston Miller, leg, flesh; Jacob Peterman, leg; John E. Lemon, missing.

AT DRURYS BLUFFS, May 14.-Killed.-Wm. Demings; Chas. McCoy; Gabriel Vastbinder. Wounded-Alex. Bollinger, hand; John Charleston, foot; Jas. Leary, breast, severe; Jos. Long, hand; Uriah Mills, hand; M.B. Smith, breast, severe; Samuel Stott, hand; Andrew miller, May 16, hand.

AT COLD HARBOR, June 1.-Wounded-Corp. J.F. Cypher, leg, severe; Corp. W.F. Fahnestock, foot; Color Corp. Theodore Klahre, face, severe; John Fetter, hand; Wilbur Lyon, leg, severe.

NEAR PETERSBURG, July 6.-Wounded-Wm. M. Lynn, hip, severe; John T. Eckels, July 25, face; S. Warner, July 27, face, severe; 1st Sergt. R.P. Pilkington, July 30, arm; Sergt. A.C. Bennett, July 30, hand; Chas. R. Lindsay, July 30, chin.

AT DEEP BOTTOM.-Wounded-1st Sergt. R.P. Pilkington, Aug. 14, arm, severe; 2nd Serg’t. L.Smith, Aug. 16, contusion, severe; H.H. Nulton, Aug. 16, shoulder; John T. Eckels, Aug. 16, missing; Benj. F. Malin, Aug. 16, missing.

W. P. B.1

SOPO Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Roy Gustrowsky.

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  1. “List of Casualties.” The Bedford Inquirer (Bedford, PA), November 4, 1864, p. 1, col. 6.
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