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NP: June 25, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Why Aren’t the Troops Paid?

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.


Some of the troops in the army of Northern Virginia have not been paid their just dues since the first of January, and are in a sad state of impecuniosity.  After much inquiry, the troops have found out what is wrong, and wish to remove the cause of this seeming neglect on the part of our quartermasters.  It is a fact, generally admitted, that a quartermaster has a wholesome fear of artillery, and during a fight a weakness for staying near his train, regardless of his regular supply of buttermilk and strawberries; but no one imagined that the picture of a battery would cause such a delay in pay.  This is now apparent to all, and in our hour of need we have determined to use our utmost endeavours to remedy the evil.  If Mr. Memminger will, then, remove this detestable battery from his $10 bills, our quartermasters will handle the new ISSUE without dread, our soldiers will have plenty of cash, and Mr. Memminger will receive the benediction of many a war-worn veteran.


McGowan’s Brigade.1

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