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NP: June 25, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Telegraphic Reports, June 23-24

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.




PETERSBURG, June 24, 10, A. M.—A portion of our forces last night dislodged the enemy from their lodgment on the Weldon railroad, six miles below here, capturing five hundred prisoners, including twenty commissioned officers.

The enemy burnt the Burkesville junction last night at one o’clock.  The High bridge was safe at last accounts.

A reconnaissance was made in the enemy’s front this morning, on the City Point road, but it accomplished nothing.


PETERSBURG, June 24.—There was heavy cannonading this morning at seven o’clock, began by our batteries in Chesterfield on the enemy’s extreme right, and continued for one hour and a quarter.  The results are unknown.

Four hundred and eighty-three prisoners, captured by Mahone last night near the railroad, were brought in this morning.

All quiet now.


PETERSBURG, June 24-6, P. M.—General Mahone, after dislodging the enemy from the Weldon road last night, pushed around their left flank and captured the prisoners alluded to in despatch of this morning.

The affair on the City Point road this morning was an effort to retake some of our lost breastworks, and was preceded by heavy cannonading.  Hagood drove the enemy from the breastworks, but other troops failing to support him he fell back.

His loss is between one and two hundred in killed, wounded and prisoners.

No shell have been thrown into the city to-day, and all has been quiet since 9 o’clock.

The raiders, after burning the depot at the Junction, took the road to Danville.1

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  1. “Telegraphic Reports of the Press Association.” Richmond Examiner. June 25, 1864, p. 2 col. 6
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