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NP: June 23, 1864 Raleigh Confederate: 27th NC Casualties Since June 1

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

For the Confederate.


In the 27th N. C. Troops, Cooke’s brigade, Heth’s division, army Northern Virginia, Lieut. Col. G. F. Whitfield commanding, since June 1st, 1864.

Field and Staff—Killed, none.  Wounded, Lieut Col G F Whitfield severely in head.

Co A—Killed, private Wm Faircloth—Wounded, corpl Dees severely in leg, corpl Piner in head mortally, privates S M Grice dangerously in thigh, W E Davis in head.

Co B—Killed, lieut C Campbell and private Wm Hunt.  Wounded, 1st sergt Wm Paisley in breast, privates Burnside head, H Cobles thigh, R F Hampton in thigh and arm, D Coletrain in heel.

Co C—Killed, sergt Bell.  Wounded, H Holmes in head mortally, sergt S Wooten in finger, corpl Outlaw in arm severe, J Braxton in arm severe, P Radford in arm severe, Jordan Potter in arm severe.

Co E—Killed, privates B Buck and C Lathinghouse.  Wounded, James Brewer in head severe.

Co F—Killed, Geo Small.  Wounded, N Ha(?)ley arm broken.

Co K [G?]—Killed, A Norwood.  Wounded, W P Cark in arm severe, N H Nunn in neck severe, Q G Strayhorn in shoulder severe, Jes Hughes in abdomen, severe, Thos Simms in side dangerously.

Co H—Killed, J Matthews.  Wounded, sergt P Moore in shoulder severe, sergt P Fleming thigh broken, private W L Cherry in leg severe.

Co I—Wounded, lieut K R Jones in thigh severe, private Geo W Ward arm.

Co K—Wounded, corpl Edmundson in foot, private J Taylor leg amputated, W Gurley in breast severe, G Allen in leg, copl Newsom in head, James Combes in arm, John Smith in arm, J F Smith in hip severe.

Recapitulation—Killed, officers 1; enlisted men 8; wounded, officers 2; enlisted men 36.

W. A. KNIGHT, Adgjt [sic] 27th N[orth] C[arolina] T[roops]1


  1. “List of Casualties.” Raleigh Confederate. June 23, 1864, p. 2 col. 2
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