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NP: June 23, 1864 Petersburg Daily Express: Death of Captain Williams, 6th VA at Jerusalem Plank Road, June 22, 1864


This gallant officer and christian gentleman fell in the charge made on the breastworks of the enemy yesterday [June 22, 1864]. He was shot through the head just at this moment of victory, and died immediately. Capt. [Thaddeus G.] Williams commanded a company from Nansemond county [Company E of the 6th Virginia]1, who were devotedly attached to him. We learn that he leaves an interesting family who have been reduced from affluence to a dependent condition, by this cruel enemy who carried off all his servants and devastated his home.2

SOPO Editor’s Note: Click here for much more on the tragic tale of Captain Williams and those he left behind.

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  1. SOPO Editor’s Note: By deduction, we know a Petersburg paper is going to be discussing regiments from close to home.  The only Virginia regiments in the Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road on June 22, 1864 were from Mahone’s Brigade.  After searching those regiments at Fold3.com, I was able to figure out Captain Williams’ company (E) and regiment (6th Virginia).  At that point, a quick search revealed the following biographical information at http://files.usgwarchives.net/va/nansemond/military/civilwar/cw_vets.txt: “Thaddeus G. Williams, 6th Virginia Infantry, Company E (2nd), Captain Williams was born ca. 1826 in Nansemond Co., the son of Moses and Mary Williams.  He was killed in action, shot in the head at the Wilcox Farm on June 22, 1864.  His widow, Mary J. Williams (b. 1829) and three children put a claim in for his pension.  Thaddeus and Mary were married March 7, 1847. Thaddeus G. Williams was reburied in Bethlehem Christian Church Cemetery, after being moved three other times.
  2. “Capt. T. G. Williams.” The Daily Express (Petersburg, VA). June 23, 1864, p. 2 col. 5
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