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NP: June 21, 1864 Richmond Examiner: News from the North

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.

News From the North.—-A correspondent with the army in Southwestern Virginia gathers the following items of news from some late Western papers that chanced to fall under his eye.  The Western papers, remote from the despotism at Washington, venture now and then to give a glimpse of the truth:

We had the pleasure of looking over the Cincinnati GAZETTE and ENQUIRER.  The former says that Grant has destroyed nearly all of General Lee’s army, and admits that their General has lost heavily in men, but with a grand flourish says that the Confederates have lost double as many.  It announces the arrest of Hon. Fernando Wood, of New York, Voorhees, of Indiana, and a large number of other leading opposition men of the North.  It says that the call for four hundred thousand troops more by Lincoln, was a bogus proclamation; that he is not in need of the men.  The ENQUIRER says that Grant commenced fighting Lee with an army of one hundred and eighty-five thousand men, but that he only has one hundred thousand now—that he has been whipped in every engagement with Lee—and it will soon be necessary to send McClellan or some other General to save the remnant of his army.  It says that Lincoln’s proclamation was not bogus, but was put out in good faith, but the tyrant found that the people would not stand the draft, and immediately the Abolition journals raised the hue and cry that the proclamation was bogus.  In fact, the ENQUIRER presents the most doleful appearance of affairs in the Yankee army that we have yet seen.1


  1. “News from the North.” Richmond Examiner. June 21, 1864, p. 3 col. 5
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