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NP: June 18, 1864 Stoughton Sentinel: The Great Battles In Virginia

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Stuart Thiel.


The army of the Potomac is before Richmond, face to face with the enemy who have been forced across the Chickahominy, and around the city.  Both sides are now strongly intrenched, and it will be hard work for either army to rout the other.

FRIDAY, 13:  Gen. Butler sent an expedition to Petersburg.  Gen. Kautz commanded the cavalry; Gen. Gilmore the infantry force.  The cavalry charged upon the rebel works, but the attention of the enemy not being diverted from them as expected, by Gen. Gilmore, he was forced to withdraw.  He captured a few prisoners and one piece of artillery.  Gen. Hunter writes that a severe battle was fought with his command on Sunday 5th inst., lasting 10 hours, and totally routing the enemy.  Gen. Grant made a successful reconnoisance of the enemy’s works, occasioning but a slight loss on our part.

SATURDAY:  Gen. Grant commenced to change his base of operation to the James river, so that his available force may be increased, and his means of communication improved.

MONDAY:  the movement towards crossing the James river commenced on Sunday night; the 18th army corps marching to White House, where they are to embark for Bermuda Landing.  The river was to be crossed at Powhatan point.

WEDNESDAY: from Fortress Monroe we learn that two army corps crossed the James river yesterday.  Other portions of the army are crossing at various points.  There was fighting this morning in the direction of Petersburg.  Gen. Grant has joined Gen. Butler, so that our army can act more unitedly.1

Note: This newspaper article is used with the permission of NewsInHistory.com.  All rights reserved.


  1. Stoughton Sentinel, June 18, 1864
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