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NP: June 18, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Casualties of 6th SC Cav, June 11-12

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.


In Sixth regiment South Carolina cavalry, in the engagements of 11th and 12th June, 1864, at and near Trevillians’s station, on the Virginia Central railroad.

Field and Staff—Killed:  Sergeant-Major J O Sheppard.  Wounded:  Colonel H K Aiken, severely in left shoulder; Captain P W Goodwyn, Acting Major, injured by a shell, still on duty.

Company A, Lieutenant:  Woods commanding—Killed:  John Coleman.  Wounded:  Corporal T Babb, slight in arm:  Privates D J Armstrong, flesh wound in thigh; B B Curry, flesh wound in arm; J R Babb, in foot, slight; M Babb, in hand, slight; T B Blackwell, in hip, slight; W L Hopkins, in foot, severe; R E Moore, in hip, slight; J A Owens, in arm, slight; D M Peden, in back, slight; H S Shumate, in breast, slight; J K Aberecombie, in hip, severe.  Missing:  Privates W A Adams D Y Pitk.

Company B, Captain J J Gregg, commanding—Killed:  Privates W B Brooks, J H Moss, Matthew Moss, E E Padgett, J W Noble, A Kilcreese, J W Mayer.  Wounded:  Captain J J Gregg, slight, in arm; Sergeant S G Cothran, in spine, severely; Sergeant A A Giles, in thigh, severely; Corporal Quattlebaum, in hip, slightly; Corporal Roundtree, in thigh, slightly; Privates Richard Berry, in arm, slightly; J M Briggs, in ear, slight; A Bushnell, in thigh, slight; W L Claxton, arm amputated; S Kirkland, in hand, slight; S E Mays, thigh amputated; H R Quattlebaum, in leg, slight; E V Steedman, in shoulder, severe; A G Williams, in leg, slight; P M Williams, in left eye, severe; J M Holder, in breast, slight; R E Broadwater, in shoulder, slight.

Missing:  Privates Samuel Blackwell, Lafayette Cogburn.

Company C, Lieutenant Kennedy, commanding—Killed:  Sergeant John Clowney, Corporal T C Bradley.  Wounded:  Sergeant R H Bell, slight; Corporal A J Smith, slight; Privates N Anderson, slight; E Calhoun, in head, severely; J H Cunningham, severely;—Hughey, severely; S Crumpton, slight; J Young, severely; W Watts, severely; L M Foot, slight.  Missing:  Private J H Rykard.

Company D,_________   _________, commanding—Killed:  Privates M S Hendrix, D C Rigway.  Wounded:  Privates J W McCray, M Campbell, W D Chandler, J P Davenport, M J Lock, J S Odom, slight.  Missing:  Privates J A Sellers, A J Stogner, Isham Rush, W C Burr, E C Bunch.

Company E, Captain J P Knight, commanding—Wounded:  Privates W Acker, Anderson, Thomas Rodgers, A N Stone, severely.

Company F, Captain Humphrey, commanding—Killed:  Private John Milling.  Wounded:  Captain Humphrey, slightly in leg; Lieutenant A Aldrich, severely in shoulder and slightly in side and leg; Sergeants W A Simons, severely in hand; J M Hodges, slightly in shoulder; T Gladney, severely in leg; Privates Baxley and Cloud, slightly.  Missing:  Corporal John Jordan, Privates H Appellcy, S Owens, J Surabb, Salisbury, E Morgan.

Company G, Lieutenant J Taggart, commanding—Killed:  Privates J W Turner, J Busby.  Wounded:  Sergeants D G Rampy, T T Slings, slightly; Privates W Bowen, W S Cantwell, J Cochran, J C McCarty, L J Gilstrap, J L Walker, D Stricklan, H T Owens, P Randale, W J Williams, R A Tucker, arm off; John Cooley, leg broken.  Missing:  Privates H J Knaff, B T Stone, H Hutchison.

Company H, Captain McGuire, commanding.—Killed:  Private M Rudisal.  Wounded:  Sergeant Gaston, slight; Corporals Harley, slight; G W Cole, slight.  Privates G W Cummings, slight; R Cummings, slight; J J Crowley, slight; W M Conter, slight; G W Hair, slight; T D Harley, severe.  Missing:  Privates Joel Farmer, T J Harley, J Rudisal.

Company I, Captain Chitner, commanding.—Wounded:  Sergeant H T Fladger, severely; Private J J Hart, severely.  Missing:  Privates B F Lewellen, S Littlejohn, R Mickeo.

Company K, Captain Hough, commanding.—Killed:  Privates W Gamell, J H Field, W Funderbug, J C Massey.  Wounded:  Lieutenant E B Hancock, slight; J L Clements, J J Brown, C W Horton, Elisha McDougal, T Sellers, J G Bowell, Philip Snipe, M P Thoman, slight.  Missing:  Privates E Lowry, C F Evans, E M Murey.

T. B. FERGUSON, Major Commanding.

Columbia, South Carolina, papers please copy.1


  1. “Casualties in Sixth Regiment South Carolina Cavalry…” Richmond Examiner. June 18, 1864, p. 2 col. 4
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