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NP: June 18, 1864 Raleigh Confederate: Grant’s Headquarters

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Brett Schulte.

Grant’s Headquarters.

It is stated that “the man on horseback” had his Headquarters yesterday, not in the saddle, but at that time-honored old James River mansion, known as Shirley, nearly opposite Bermuda Hundreds.  When the rebel-demolisher first started from Culpeper Court-house, we were told that General Lee and his gallant men, were to be rode over rough shod, and trampled to the earth.  Bennett’s Herald informed us, that Lee would not even offer the Yankee Lieut, Generald [sic] [a] fight, but would be too glad to evacuate Richmond, and save his army, by retreating to some secure spot in the South.  What has brought Ulysses to a halt?  What has “unhorsed” him?  He has probably found the march to Richmond beset by many difficulties, and has now put on his studying cap, for the purpose of devising some new plan by which he may deceive and baffle his troublesome antagonists.

General Lee’s headquarters are nameless, but he has an eye on Grant, and move whithersoever he may, Grant will find himself confronted by that inevitable army which has turned up in his path at every step, and siputed his march to Richmond.  Broad acres cannot deter him, nor wide streams estop him. Grant had as well make up his mind at once to take the “back track,” for he will never take Richmond.–Petersburg Express.1


  1. “Grant’s Headquarters.” Raleigh Confederate. June 18, 1864, p. 2 col. 4
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