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NP: June 18, 1864 Philadelphia Inquirer: Crossing the James River, June 14-16

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.


WASHINGTON, June 17.—A despatch dated at the head-quarters of the Army of the Potomac, June 15th, says:—

“The army is now crossing James River at two places—one from Wilcox’s wharf to Windmill Point, and the other about two miles below.  The Second Corps crossed yesterday at the first mentioned place, and the Fifth this morning.  The head-quarters will start at 10 o’ clock.

“Some Rebel infantry were found supporting the cavalry, but a part of the Fifth Corps came up and soon drove them from the position to White Oak Bridge.  At this place the enemy were found in strong position, with artillery posted and HILL’S Corps in support.  Skirmishing continued till dark.  In the morning our forces withdrew towards Harrison’s Landing.  Our loss is about one hundred in killed and wounded.  Gen. GRANT returned from his visit to Gen. BUTLER last evening.

HEAD-QUARTERS, June 16—6 A. M.—Nothing of an exciting character occurred yesterday, the troops and trains being busy crossing all day.

HANCOCK’S Corps advanced toward Petersburg, which place he was expected to reach last night, but nothing official has been heard from him up to this hour.  Heavy cannonading has been going on all the morning in that direction, and it is supposed that either HANCOCK or BUTLER are engaging the enemy.  The entire army will be across the James River by night.1

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  1. “Crossing the James River.” Philadelphia Inquirer. June 18, 1864, p. 1 col. 3-4
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