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NP: June 17, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Casualties of 21st VA

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.


In Twenty first Virginia infantry from fifth May to fourth June, 1864—Colonel W A W Meber, commanding, Jones’ Brigade.  Lieutenant-Colonel William P Moseley, commanding Twenty first regiment, wounded.

Company A—Killed:  Sergeant H M Hill.—Wounded:  William Taylor, J W Foster, D M Bagby—all flesh wounds; Sergeant A J Lawson, severely in leg, (amputated.)  Missing:  Sergeant P C Pemterton, Corporal S M Brower, Privates S B Sims  N H Hamlet, R S Covington, M Almond and G W Cox.

Company C—Killed:  Privates Jasper J Curtis, Thomas S Procise and John H Wood.  Wounded:  Sergeant George R Tisdale, Privates James D Owens and Joseph Y Cole.  Missing:  Lieutenant C P Harper and Sergeant William L Stone, Privates John L Sculthorp and John D Harris.

Company D—Killed:  Edward Creacy.  Wounded:  Captain John E Booker and Lieutenant W E Booker, Privates N E Talley and John T Flippin.  Missing:  Private Sterling W Cook, Thomas Morris, John Patrum, Henry Patrum, Michael Meadow, John E Wooton and George W Dowdy.

Company E—Wounded:  John W Newton, John  H Stanley, Robert Taylor, William Garrett and James T Roberts.  Missing:  Thomas Edwards.

Company F—Wounded:  Captain Reuben J Jordan, Corporal N A Dowdy, Privates W E Cumbie, J M Couch, G W Brown  W C Seay, (since died,) P S Richeson, W B Edmunds, (and in hands of enemy,) R H Dillard, (hands of enemy,) A C Legg, H Peaster, and Corporal J H Anderson.  Missing:  Corporal H F Munt, Privates J W Johnston, P W Kayton, J T Merryman, F J Simpson and Jesse Griffin.

Company G—Killed:  Private W H Moseley.—Wounded:  Sergeant R N King, Sergeant G L Wright, Corporal L N Manley, Privates J W Woodruff, J J King and Joseph Spence.  Missing:  Privates C W Powell, W H Clary, G B Ford and J A Woodruff.

Company H—Killed:  Captain C H Farmer, Corporal John H Kelley and Private John T Barber.  Wounded:  Privates James C Wilson, S G Kelley, A B Simpson, J L Barrett, William H Templeton, R Martin, R F Adkins and R H Yeatts.  Missing:  Privates John R Shields, Thomas Bruce, N W East, William H Templeton and William H Keatts.

Company I—Killed:  Lee P Francis.  Wounded:  Privates B P Adkins, R A Fuller, James L Marlow and Joseph Seay.   Missing:  Sergeant W F Hundley, Corporal S C Mahan, Privates P F Austin, D D Cox, M B Wells and D M Hankins.

Company K—Killed:  Privates L L Bacon.—Wounded:  None.  Missing:  Sergeant J R Weaver, Sergeant A D Williams, Corporal J A Green, Privates William T Flowers, R H Moring, J G Green and S E Gregory.

Recapitulation—Killed, 11; wounded, 48; missing 47.  Total, 106.

Major commanding regiment.

E. E. England, Lieutenant and Acting Adjutant.

Whig and Enquirer please copy.1


  1. “LIST OF CASUALTIES  in Twenty first Virginia infantry…” Richmond Examiner. June 17, 1864, p. 2 col. 6
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