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NP: June 17, 1864 Petersburg Daily Express: Telegraphic Reports, June 15-16


From the Army of Northern Virginia.

ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA via RICHMOND, June 16 [sic, 15] [1864]—Grant’s whereabouts and intentions are still undetermined. A body of his cavalry attacked Gary’s Cavalry, of our army, this morning [June 15, 1864], near Malvern Hill, and were driven back. McIntosh’s brigade of Yankee cavalry has also been skirmishing with a part of Heth’s division on the Charles City road, about two miles below Riddle’s Shop, to day [June 15, 1864].1

A few prisoners were captured, who say that it is an advance of Grant’s army. It is not however believed to be more than a reconnoitering party.

Grant is either going to the South side or is broken down and has gone below to reorganize and recruit.


Despatch from Gen. Lee.

RICHMOND, June 16 [1864].—The following dispatch has been received here:

HEADQUARTERS, June 15th—6 P. M.—Secreatary of War: After the withdrawal of our cavalry yesterday evening [June 14, 1864] from the front of the enemy’s works at Harrison’s Landing, his cavalry again advanced on the Salem Church Road, and this morning [June 15, 1864] he is reported to be in some force on that road and at Malvern Hill. Gen. Wm. F. Lee easily drove back the force at the latter point, which retreated down the river road beyond Carter’s Mill. A Brigade of infantry was sent to support the cavalry on the road to Smith’s store and drove the enemy to that point without difficulty.—Nothing else of importance has occurred to-day.

(Signed)                          R. E. LEE, Gen.


[SOPO EDITOR’S NOTE: A portion of this article not pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg has been omitted.]

Richmond Items.

RICHMOND, June 16 [1864]—Nothing authentic from Petersburg to day.

The Yankees have advanced their lines in Chesterfield. Some fighting took place near Chester to day [June 16, 1864].

By the last advices Sheridan was moving through Spottsylvania, and is reported to be crossing the Rapidan.

Gen Lee has been placed in command of all the forces of Virginia and North Carolina.

[SOPO EDITOR’S NOTE: A portion of this article not pertaining to the Siege of Petersburg has been omitted.]2

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  1. SOPO Editor’s Note: The correct date is June 15.  If you go back to the original the Richmond Examiner of June 17, it shows this fighting occurred on June 15, earlier in the day.  They were reporting at 7:30 pm on June 15.  And this also neatly corresponds with two skirmishes at Malvern Hill and near Smith’s Store on the Charles City Road.
  2. “Telegraphic Reports of the Press Association.” The Daily Express (Petersburg, VA). June 17, 1864, p. 1 col. 7
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