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NP: June 17, 1864 Cleveland Plain Dealer: From The Potomac Army

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Ken Perdue.


3 o’clock P. M.


HEADQUARTERS POTOMAC ARMY, June 16. — Our troops and trains were engaged in crossing the James River all day.

Hancock’s corps has advanced toward Petersburg, which place he was expected to reach last night, but nothing official has been heard from him up to this hour. Heavy cannonading has been going on in that direction, and it is supposed that either Hancock or Butler was engaging the enemy.


FORT MONROE, June 16. — Yesterday morning at 4 o’clock the 18th Army Corps, under General Smith, left City Point and marched for Petersburg.

Gen. Kutzs cavalry attacked the entrenchments of the rebels outside of Petersburg, and at 11 A. M. succeeded in carrying them and entered the city. They were supported by the advance guard of Smith. The remainder of the troops, at last accounts, were marching in the direction of Petersburg as fast as they landed.

Endless streams of transports and barges have been making their way up the James river to the new base of supplies.


BALTIMORE, June 17. — The dispatch about taking Petersburg, appears to be based on reports prevailing at Fort Monroe last evening and may be premature. No official confirmation has yet been made.1

Note: This newspaper article is used with the permission of NewsInHistory.com.  All rights reserved.


  1. Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 17, 1864
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