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NP: June 16, 1864 Philadelphia Inquirer: From the James River, June 13-14

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.


FORTRESS MONROE, June 14.—The United States steamer GETTYSBURG arrived here from off Wilmington, which place she left on a cruise.  She picked up a Government schooner—the MARY STEACHMAN—in distress, and towed her into Hampton Roads.

Lieutenant JOHN J. PHILLIPS, Fifth Pennsylvania Cavalry, died yesterday at Chesapeake Hospital.

No arrival from Bermuda Hundred up to the closing of the mail to-day.


FORTRESS MONROE, June 14, P. M.—There is great activity in this department.  The Eighteenth Army Corps passed here last night on transports from the White House to Bermuda Hundred.  A large number of troops had previously gone to that point.

Generals SMITH, BENHAM AND MARTINDALE started from this place to-day up the James River.  Troops are rapidly disembarking at Bermuda Landing.  A number of other troops, supposed to be from Washington, have passed here for the same destination.

Stirring news may be expected.  I learn that a portion of GRANT’S army is at Charles City, on James River.

BUTLER has been very actively engaged for several days past in superintending the preparations for the movement of the army across the James River, by laying pontoons, etc.1

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  1. “From the James River.” Philadelphia Inquirer. June 16, 1864, p. 1 col. 3
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