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NP: June 15, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Near Gaines’ Mill June 10th, 1864

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.

NEAR GAINES’ MILL   June 10th, 1864.


Sir—Through the columns of your very valuable and widely circulated paper, I take this occasion to make an exposition of the gross neglect and utter dereliction of duty on the part of some of the assistant quartermasters in this army, and most especially the present incumbent of that office in this — regiment; hoping it may fall under the eye of that important functionary, the Quartermaster General.  Whilst we are making every exertion on our part to hurl from our sacred soil the vandal foe which seeks our destruction, we are neglected and uncared for by that fraternity—BETTER KNOWN AS BOMB-PROOF GENTRY, who look out for no one but themselves and their numerous gang of attendants that have flocked around them to escape the dangers of the battlefield.  Many of us in ranks, and, I may say, a large majority, are suffering for shoes and clothing, which could be gotten easily if timely requisitions were made for them by the quartermasters.  But, instead of putting forth every exertion to secure comfort for those who are shielding their heads from the bullets of the enemy, they are back in the rear, living in luxury and ease, unmindful, as it seems, of the privations and sufferings of those intrusted to their care.  Should such a state of things be tolerated?  I say no; and the proper authorities ought to call them to account for their misdoings, or oust them from their office, and put men in that will do their duty.



  1. No title. Richmond Examiner. June 15, 1864, p. 3 col. 6
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