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NP: June 15, 1864 Richmond Examiner: Casualties Co F, 46th VA

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Jackie Martin.

Richmond, June 21, 1864.


For the information of the many Eastern shoremen who are scattered from Texas to Virginia, I send you a list of casualties in Company F, commanded by Captain John H. White, Forty-sixth Virginia regiment, Wise’s brigade:

Killed:  Samuel D Parker and George W Downing.  Wounded:  Sergeant John T Fosque, slightly in leg; Sergeant John L Wright, severely in thigh; Corporal S S Mopp, slightly in leg; Corporal J A Parker, in foot; Privates William Gardner, severely in thigh; William Beasley, bayonet wound in thigh; Solomon S Byrd, slightly in ankle; Sewel Taylor, severely in hand; John Wilkerson, slightly in leg; Samuel Grinnaids, slightly in hand; T Sturgis, in foot, slight; P O Twiford, foot, slight.

The above casualties occurred in the battles on the Southside on the eighteenth and twentieth of May.  On the twentieth they also lost private T Forrest, of Mathews county, killed.  This company is reported to have acted with great gallantry, and to have been among the first to mount the breastworks of the enemy.  There are about seven hundred Eastern shoremen in the civil and military service.  Two full companies belong to the Nineteenth-Virginia battalion heavy artillery, and one of them, commanded by Captain George Savage, and sent out on the Meadow Bridge road in charge of light artillery, engaged the enemy on the twelfth of May, doing great execution to the raiders.—This company has been highly complimented for coolness and good shooting in that affair.              G.—–1


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