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NP: June 15, 1864 Boston Daily Advertiser: The Movement To The James River

Editor’s Note: This article was transcribed by Ken Perdue.

THE MOVEMENT TO THE JAMES RIVER. — The rebels have for a week past been speculating as to the possibility of that movement to the James River, which it now seems probable has been undertaken by General Grant. They had reports a week ago last Saturday that pontoons had been taken up the James River, to enable Grant to cross and begin his approaches on the south side. The Richmond Enquirer of the 8th says: —

“The south side is now the point for which Grant is making — he has abandoned all hope of taking Richmond except by siege — by taking possession of Petersburg, and with his cavalry cutting and destroying the Danville railroad and starving the city into surrender. He is endeavoring to repeat the Vicksburg campaign. His failure to cross the Chickahominy may materially alter his plans; but should he once succeed in fixing himself on the south side, either north or south of the Appotomax, while his army would be no more formidable there than anywhere else, his cavalry could do us much damage and put us to many inconveniences. It is rumored that a cavalry command from the James river, crossed the Chickahominy yesterday, at the Forge Bridge, in Charles City county, going to Grant’s army. It is supposed to be a party reconnoitering the way for Grant to the James river. All circumstances point to Grant’s going over the James if Lee will permit him.”1

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  1. Boston Daily Advertiser, June 15, 1864
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