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NP: June 14, 1864 Petersburg Daily Express: Court Martial in the 44th Virginia Battalion



EDITORS EXPRESS: I notice in your columns of this morning, a statement from an anonymous letter, that private W. C. Boatrite [sic, Boatwright], who was charged with stealing a watch, pistol, money, &c, from me had been court-martialed and honorably acquitted. This statement is false. The findings and sentence of the Court, were as follows, vix:

Of the charge……………..Guilty.

Of the specification…….Guilty.

and the severest punishment that could be in-imposed [sic, imposed] by a regimental Regimental Court Martial was decreed against him. On the morning of the 9th inst. [June 9, 1864], when the enemy attacked our lines in front of Battery No. 5, which this [44th Virginia] Battalion was ordered to hold, he was reprieved by Major Batte, and ordered to the fortifications; that he, although condemned thief, might add to the number of the defenders of Petersburg. Boatrite, not knowing that he had been reprieved, has since deserted to escape punishment, and was doubtless the author of the above referred to anonymous letter. By inserting the above, you will much oblige,

Yours, very respectfully,

Capt. Co E 44th V[irgin]a. Batt[alion].
Camp 44th VA. Batt[alion]., June 13, 1864.1

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  1. “Correction.” The Daily Express (Petersburg, VA). June 14, 1864, p. 2 col. 6
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