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NP: June 13, 1864 Philadelphia Inquirer: The War–Good News, June 8-9


A despatch from General GRANT’S Head-quarters, dated on Saturday [June 9, 1864] at 4 P. M., reports that the Rebel Cavalry made a dash into WILSON’S lines, near the Tennyhouse, the day before [June 8, 1864], but a part of MCINTOSH’S Brigade of WILSON’S Division were sent out to see where the enemy was, and the Rebel pickets were driven in, and their outer line forced, our cavalry passing over the Rebel intrenchments, and after accomplishing the object of the reconnoissance, our cavalry retired, having killed and wounded a number of the enemy.

A despatch on Saturday afternoon [June 9, 1864] from General [Benjamin F.] BUTLER states that General [August V.] KAUTZ charged the enemy’s works at Petersburg, carrying them and penetrating into the town, but, not being supported, he retired, after capturing forty prisoners and one piece of artillery, which he brought away with him.1

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  1. “The War–Good News.” Philadelphia Inquirer. June 13, 1864, p. 4 col. 1
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