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NP: July 27, 1864 Philadelphia Press: HQ and Field Hospital, 9th Corps

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by David Welch (100th Pennsylvania Roundheads) and transcribed by Jackie Martin.



SIR:  It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge [illegible] with the receipt of an issue of vegetables for my command, contributed by the Sanitary Commission.

My command is already indebted to you for several issues of vegetables and anti-scorbutics, and I cannot let this opportunity pass without expressing my sincere thanks and appreciation of the value of the services which your Commission has so generously rendered.

I am, sir, very respectfully,

A. E. BURNSIDE, Major General.


NEAR PETERSBURG, VA., July 2, 1864.


SIR:  As surgeons and chaplains of the 9th Army Corps, it gives us great pleasure to acknowledge to you and to the many friends of the Sanitary Commission our great indebtedness to this Commission, during the present campaign, for the supply of numerous articles so essential to the comfort of the sick and wounded, demonstrating the exceeding value of this charity.

It affords us unqualified pleasure to bear testimony to the energy and faithfulness of your agent, Dr. N. C. Stevens, in dispensing the stores committed to his trust.

Especially do we commend his judgment in the distribution of large quantities of anti-scorbutics to the men in the trenches, where the utility of such material is established in the prevention of sickness and the regulation of the system, rendering their recovery, when wounded, more probable and speedy.  We trust that the Commission will continue its work in this direction so favorably begun.

Most respectfully yours,

Horace Ludington, surgeon 100th Penna. Volunteers, in charge 1st Division, 9th Army Corps, Field Hospitals.

John W. Snow, surgeon 35th Massachusetts Volunteers.

[illegible] O. Mullen, surgeon, 14th New York Artillery.

[illegible] H. Dashiell, chaplain, 57th Massachusetts Infantry.

[illegible] Fletcher Oaks, 56th Massachusetts, assistant surgeon hospital, 1st Division, 9th Army Corps.

[illegible] V. White, surgeon, 57th Massachusetts.

[illegible] W. Mortoni, assistant surgeon, 59th Regiment [illegible] Volunteers.

Horace B. Durant, assistant surgeon, 100th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.

William A. Webster, surgeon, 9th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers.

Theodore J. Christ, surgeon, 45th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.

[illegible] Milwal, surgeon, 31st Regiment Maine Volunteers.

Herman Cooper, surgeon, 6th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers.

[illegible] T. Paine, Jr., surgeon, 2d Regiment New York Militia.

[illegible] Pierce, assistant surgeon, 17th Regiment Vermont Volunteers.

[illegible] G. Milsen, assistant surgeon.

[illegible] Messenger, assistant surgeon, Pennsylvania Volunteers.

[illegible] C. Hafton, surgeon, 32d Regiment Maine Volunteers.

[illegible] B. Smith, assistant surgeon, 32d Regiment Maine Volunteers.

[illegible] Dowe, chaplain, 6th Regiment New Hampshire Veteran Volunteers.

[illegible] Dyford, chaplain 11th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers.

Geo. C. Gracefor, chaplain 31st Regiment Maine Volunteers.

William A. Start, chaplain 58th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers.

Wm. R. D. Blackwood, surgeon 48th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.

[illegible] B. Beckley, chaplain 48th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.

L. W. Bliss, surgeon 51st Regiment New York Volunteers.

E. J. Bonnie, surgeon 2d Regiment Michigan Veteran Volunteers.

S. S. French, surgeon 2d Brigade, 3d Division, 9th Army Corps.

William B. Fox, surgeon 1st Brigade, 3d Division, 9th Army Corps.

H. E. Smith, surgeon 27th Regiment Michigan Volunteers.

D. E. Roundy, surgeon, 37th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers.

W. E. Shurlock, surgeon, 51st Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers.

A. F. Whelan, surgeon 1st Regiment Michigan Sharpshooters.

Charles E. Ames, surgeon 60th Regiment Ohio Volunteers.

Harrison H. Powers, assistant surgeon 27th Regiment Michigan Volunteers.

H. L. Butterfield, surgeon 38th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers.

L. L. Doolittle, surgeon 24th Regiment New York Cavalry.

Joseph James, chaplain 20th Regiment Michigan Volunteers.

S. S. Hunting, chaplain 27th Regiment Michigan Volunteers.

J. D. Bevine, surgeon 17th Regiment Michigan Volunteers.1

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