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NP: July 14, 1864 Brockport (NY) Republic: 22nd New York Cavalry in Wilson-Kautz Raid

Editor’s Note: This article was found by Brett Schulte at the free newspaper site Historical Newspapers of the Rochester, New York Region and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

THE 22D CAVALRY.—A good many of the 22d [New York] Cavalry were lost in the recent federal raid in destroying the railroads around Richmond.—The raid accomplished a great deal for the Union cause, but was attended with great losses.  The men who went on the raid suffered intensely a portion of the time for the want of food and sleep.

The raid lasted twelve days, during which time there were six fights, the rebels being whipped in them all except the last, when our forces broke up, and each looked out for himself.

Of those captured in the raid belonging to the 22d were Col. S. J. Crooks, who was in command; Sergt. Heber Fuller, of this village, a member of Capt. Edward’s company, who was captured in the first fight; and Lieut. Henry Hammond, also of this village and the same company, who was captured in the last fight.  There were many others captured besides those named, but no list has been given.  None are reported killed.

Capt. Edwards was not with the company during the raid, and the command of the company devolved on Lieut. Hammond.1

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