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NP: July 7, 1864 Brockport (NY) Republic: Death of Col. Bates, 8th NYHA

Editor’s Note: This article was found by Brett Schulte at the free newspaper site Historical Newspapers of the Rochester, New York Region and transcribed by Jackie Martin.

DEATH OF COL. BATES.—Col. W. W. Bates, of Kendall, an officer of the 8th N. Y. Artillery, [a regiment raised in Orleans and Niagara counties,] was killed in the fight at Petersburg.  His body was brought home, and his funeral services were held at the residence of his father, in Kendall, on Monday last.  The services were attended by all the Masonic orders in this section and a large concourse of other mourning citizens.  He was a man warmly beloved and generally respected.  None could die a nobler death, and none should be kept greener in memory.  He sleeps in a hero’s grave, and all patriots will revere his noble sacrifice for his country.1

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  1. “Death of Col. Bates.” Brockport (NY) Republic. July 7, 1864, p. 3 col. 2
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